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THE VIEW TO THERE is a series of photography books that chronicle my various travels and exploits through the fine state of California in 2010. They showcase the natural beauty (yeah, sorry, no boobs or bikini models) of the incredible natural landscapes of California. No, they are not flaky, either. These excursions are captured in photographs that capture the geologically diverse and striking outdoor scenery of the world outside our doorsteps.
Through the use of vivid photography, the beautiful landscapes of the outdoor realms spring to life - from picturesque coastal drives, into the vast high desert, across rolling plains and meandering hills, through the lush, dense natural forests, into the highest cloud-touched mountain ranges, to the sun (and fog) kissed beaches, it’s all HERE... well, as much as I could fit into a 9x7 book at least. What other reason do you need to hit the road? Pack up the car, put the kids in the trunk, the cold drinks on the seats and surf the asphalt sea!
Both volumes are almost 100-pages and stock full of color photographs, including numerous epic panoramas and ground-level images, the pictures put YOU in the passenger seat, taking in the captivating beauty of the great outdoors without any worry of bug bites, run-ins with scaly critters with rattling apparatus, or speeding tickets from Johnny Law. Best of all, YOU don't have do any of the driving. Just turn the page and travel 300 miles in a blink of an eye. It doesn't get any better than that... unless you have a time-warping star-spanning spaceship.
Because you don't even have to leave your arm chair to visit some of these truly remarkable places, hopefully you'll find the images and photographs captured herein as captivating, breath-taking, and awe-inspiring as I did. Being naturally photogenic as California is (avoiding the obvious pun therein, Hollywoodphobes!), demands the camera be at the ready at all times. Consider this the photographic evidence, and there’s more to come!