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THE VIEW TO THERE is a 100-page 9x7 soft cover book with over 130 full-color photographs that documents some of the truly awe-inspiring outdoor landscapes of the fine state of California. It seems there's a little bit of everything within a days travel and hopefully the pictures in this book do the locations a bit of visual justice. The old adage "you have to see it for yourself" certainly applies, but hey, I did the driving and the suffering for your viewing pleasure. :-)
I've covered alot of ground (literally!) in these pages, including Los Padres and Angeles National Forest, the Los Angeles metropolitan area, San Fernando Valley (the valley, dude!), the central plains of northern southern California (northern southern? - ed), Sequoia National Forest (the Trees!), Golden Gate Park and bridge, the California coast from Santa Cruz through Monterey down to Malibu, the Santa Monica, San Bernardino and San Gabriel mountain ranges, and almost everything in between.
You don't even have to leave the comforts of your home to visit some of these truly remarkable places. In short, enough visual inspiration to make Bob Ross cry tears of pure creative joy (and glue smiles on those happy shiny clouds.)
• THE VIEW TO THERE Volume 1 is available directly from LULU.COM
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